Tuesday, October 15, 2013

see you soon

when i first made this blog, i intended this blog to be a place where i can share my stories, my thoughts, my interests, and my unimportant tidbits. well, basically everything. this blog was also meant to keep me practicing writing. more importantly, this blog was made for me to be honest with myself.

as time goes by, i always try to find excuses to deny my feelings-- instead of being honest about it so then i decided not to write them down.

but i guess it's not too late to start again. :)

so see you soon :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013


"you know what? i was so touched when she said that she was worried of me.. she said i should take a good care of myself.."
"yeah, you really should."
"and she told me, that she'd be ready, anytime i need her."
"isn't she nice?"
"she really is."
"what's wrong with you? you seem so cold."
"nothing, never mind."
"oh come on.. tell me.."
"i did that to you.. well, in fact, i still do."
"do what?"
"telling you to take care of yourself. actually, i take care of you most of the time."
"of course you do.."
"but you never seem to appreciate it.."
"that's the thing. i never feel like i need to work or fight for you. because you're always there for me."
"is that a bad thing?"
"depends. but i know that i can take you for granted. you'll still be there, anyway."
"it's like the quote from your favorite crappy tv show, right?"
"you once quoted to me 'you can always go back to your soulmate, that's what makes them a soulmate'. true, right?"
"i know i can always go back to you."

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