Friday, February 3, 2012

hello (again)

*cleaning up the dust on my blog*

does anyone still read this? i wonder.

well, my bad. i've been abandoning this blog for almost 2 years. and yes, as you predicted, i have lots of excuses. but mainly, i overthink about what people would say about my writings. some things happened in the past held me back from writing what i was really feeling. i kind of hated myself back then for not being able to be honest about what i feel. but now i made amend with myself, that from now on i will try to write as honest as i can.

here's some update:

- i am now no longer a college student! i finally succeeded to defend my undergraduate thesis after the first failed attempt (more on that later). the graduation ceremony will be held in 2 weeks. i get a mixed up feeling about this. hm, i feel relieved, of course. after 1.5 years of ups and downs spent to finish my undergraduate thesis, at last i graduate! then reality hits hard! i have to look for a job, make a living (although i still live with my parents). can i make it through?
- relationship-wise, hmm, i am still single. had some crushes but then it just didn't happen. and currently seeing no one (!). looking for a serious yet fun relationship now (who am i kidding? it's like i'm writing for a matchmaker haha)

at first i thought i had a lot to update, but i guess that's all~

see you in my next post! :)

2 mumbling(s):

Shirin Zahro said...

Me! Me! I still (and always) check your blog and wait for update!! :D

alia pewe said...

tetap semangat menulis blog :D

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