Monday, September 17, 2007

nothing lasts forever.

it is so easy to see, dysfunction between you and me
we must free up these tired souls, before the sadness kills us both
i tried and tried to let you know
i love you but i'm letting go
it may not last but i don't know,
just don't know

*yaaah, bait pertama udah cukup menusuk-nusuk hati gue. hufh*

if you don't know, then you can't care
and you show up, but you're not there
but i'm waiting, and you want to
still afraid that i will desert you


everyday, with every worthless word,
we get more far away
the distance between us makes it so hard to stay
but nothing lasts forever..
but be honest babe,
it hurts but it may be the only way


a bed that's warm with memories, can heal us temporarily
the misbehaving only makes, the ditch between us so damn deep
built a wall around my heart, i’ll never let it fall apart
but strangely i wish secretly, it would fall down while i'm asleep

tough we have not hit the ground, it doesn't mean we're not still falling,
i want so bad to pick you up, but you're still too reluctant to accept my help
what a shame..
i hope you find somewhere to place the blame,
but until then the fact remains..

gara-gara gue nggak sengaja nge-mark lagu ini *pokoknya maroon5* dari hp andwa dan akhirnya kekirim ke hp gue..,
dan akhirnya terngianglah lagu ini di telinga gue.
awalnya sii cuma menikmati alunannya yang easy-listening,
nggak terlalu merhatiin liriknyaa.
dan ternyata setelah gue resapi liriknya,

kenapa begini banget siyh? siyal.

dan kemudian,
music player di hp gue pun nggak henti-hentinya muterin lagu ini..

*gue mau gila.*

2 mumbling(s): said...

huhu,,lyric of d week..
qt sehati,,miris bgt klo gw dgrn itu,,

wiydiy said...

ada teman senasip ternyataa.

ayo kak.
kita pasti bisaaaa!

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